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College of Veterinary Science
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Empowering Education: College's Well-Equipped Computer Lab and ARIS Cell Enrich Student and Teacher Learning

The college takes great pride in its well-equipped computer lab and ARIS Cell, which serve as powerful tools in empowering students and teachers alike. The ARIS Cell provides seamless internet connectivity to various departments and hostels through LAN and wireless access points, enabling easy access to a vast array of information and data from diverse sources. This facility proves invaluable in meeting the needs of students and teachers, as it allows them to retrieve relevant information on various subjects.

The benefits of the computer lab and ARIS Cell extend beyond the college premises. They also play a crucial role in assisting farmers and animal-owners by leveraging the latest information in the agricultural field. By accessing online resources, including the extensive online journals available through CERA, provided by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research in New Delhi, students and teachers gain direct and rapid access to valuable research and knowledge. This enables them to address real-world challenges and find innovative solutions.

Within the college, the computer lab serves as a hub for students to access the internet, engage in computer-related work, and retrieve information from a wide range of online resources. This comprehensive facility empowers students to enhance their research capabilities, collaborate effectively on projects, and stay updated with the latest developments in their respective fields. The college's commitment to providing a well-equipped computer lab and ARIS Cell underscores its dedication to fostering an environment of digital literacy, connectivity, and knowledge dissemination. By harnessing the power of technology and internet connectivity, students and teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to excel academically and make meaningful contributions to their fields of study.