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College of Veterinary Science
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A Vital Resource for Academic Success and Knowledge AcquisitionCollege e-Library

The college e-Library serves as the vibrant academic hub, empowering teaching programs, research endeavors, and community outreach. It plays a pivotal role in advancing the success and impact of the college community by providing seamless access to a wealth of information and recorded knowledge. With a focus on creating an optimal environment for study, research, and learning, the e-Library is a sanctuary of intellectual growth.

Situated on the second floor of the main building, the e-Library boasts a spacious area of over 3000 square feet. It is thoughtfully divided into service areas, collections stalls, and a reading hall, accommodating up to 150 students simultaneously. The library houses a vast collection of nearly 2000 books spanning various disciplines, scientific journals, departmental manuals, magazines, and Hindi and English newspapers, catering to diverse intellectual pursuits.

Managed and operated by experienced librarians and dedicated supporting staff, the library offers a range of amenities and services. Students can avail themselves of Xerox facilities at nominal rates, enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity, access the central computer lab, and explore a wide array of e-journals, fostering a technologically enriched learning experience.

The college e-Library stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to academic excellence, providing a nurturing space where knowledge thrives, ideas flourish, and intellectual curiosity is nurtured.