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College of Veterinary Science
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Institute Promotes Sportsmanship and Teamwork with Cutting-Edge Sports Facilities and Gym for Student Development

The institute acknowledges the significance of fostering sportsman spirit and team effort among its students. It understands that these values can be effectively nurtured in a harmonious environment through sports and games. To facilitate this, the campus is equipped with extensive sports facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure.

The institute ensures that students have access to ample sports infrastructure, enabling them to explore a wide range of athletic pursuits. The campus offers well-maintained facilities for cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, chess, and various other indoor and outdoor games. By providing diverse options, students can engage in activities that align with their interests and discover new sports to further develop their skills.

In addition to the wide array of sports facilities, the institute is committed to promoting physical fitness and resilience among its students. To support this, the campus provides state-of-the-art gym facilities. The gym is equipped with modern equipment and resources, enabling students to enhance their strength and courage. By encouraging regular workouts, the institute aims to instill a sense of physical well-being and mental fortitude in its students.

By prioritizing sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical development, the institute creates an environment that fosters personal growth and character building. Through active participation in sports and fitness activities, students are equipped with valuable life skills such as cooperation, leadership, discipline, and perseverance. The institute firmly believes that the integration of sports and gym facilities contributes significantly to the holistic development of its students.