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College of Veterinary Science
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B.V.Sc. & A.H. (Number Of Seats : Eighty (80))

BVSc stands for Bachelor of Veterinary Science, a course that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals and prescribing appropriate medicine treatments. It equips students with essential knowledge in animal anatomy, nutrition, physiology, diseases, and breeding. This field is suitable for individuals who have a passion for working with animals and aspire to pursue a career in this domain. The course provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to work in this field, including the treatment of sick, injured, and problematic animals.

By pursuing a degree in BVSc, candidates can expect promising career prospects in the future, enabling them to explore various opportunities within this field. The syllabus encompasses topics related to surgery, physiology, and other aspects crucial for animal care. Upon successful completion of this course, candidates can seek employment opportunities and gain valuable experience in this rewarding field.

Best private BVSC College in India:Eligibility Criteria for different Courses

Certain universities admit candidates based on previous exam scores. To secure a course, candidates must pass an entrance exam. Your admission reflects your exam knowledge. Specific specializations are available. We've listed universities in 4 Indian regions to aid your choice.

BVSc - BVSc -Requires 12th in Science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Minimum 50% or equivalent needed. Valid NEET score is mandatory.

MVSc - Mandates a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry or Veterinary Science for candidates. A minimum score of 50% or equivalent on the final qualifying examination is required, along with successfully passing the specified entrance exams.

PHD - Candidates need a minimum of 60% in their master's degree in the relevant field. This master's degree should be in Veterinary Science or a closely related discipline. Meeting this criterion is essential to pursue a PhD in Veterinary Science and undertake advanced research in the field.


Best BVSc college in KHEDA,HINDAUN CITY, DISTRICT- KARAULI, India: Admission Process

Admissions processes vary across colleges, with some conducting entrance examinations and others considering the merits of candidates. The requirement to take an entrance exam depends on the specific university and its admission policies. It is crucial to carefully review the admission guidelines of each college of interest to determine whether an entrance exam is mandatory for admission.

BELOW is a list of the entrance exams administered for admission to the BVSc

  • NEET
  • OUAT
  • RPVT
  • Veterinary Entrance Exam
  • bhu uet

Top private BVSc College in kheda, karauli ,rajasthan india?

Rajasthan is renowned for its natural beauty, encompassing numerous scenic attractions. When selecting a university to pursue a course, candidates must consider their preferences and admission criteria. Shourabh College of Veterinary Science in Jhajjar, Haryana, India is recognized as one of the top BVSc colleges in the Kheda, Hindaun City, and Karauli districts of Rajasthan.

Scope of B.VSc

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc) program offers diverse career options in animal husbandry. Graduates gain veterinary knowledge and research skills for animal welfare. Scope includes: clinical practice, research, animal husbandry, public health, government services, pharmaceuticals, animal welfare, and academia.

  • B.V.Sc graduates have options in private/government sectors as vet doctors, officers, breeders, etc. They can start clinics for animal care.
  • Many students opt for higher studies and pursue PG courses like M.VSc, specializing in areas like poultry science, animal nutrition, veterinary physiology, and more.
  • B.VSc graduates can explore lucrative international career opportunities in countries like the UK and Sweden. They can pursue roles such as research veterinarians, animal food veterinarians, and more, opening up diverse avenues for their professional growth at the international level.
  • In addition to the mentioned career options, B.VSc graduates can also consider preparing for government exams such as UPSC, SSC, PSU, and more. These exams provide opportunities to work in various government departments, agencies, and public sector undertakings related to animal health, agriculture, and veterinary services.

What makes our university best & top private B.V.Sc college in kheda, karauli ,rajasthan india?

Attending university, such as Sourabh Veterinary College, is more than just receiving an education. It offers a transformative college experience that equips you with knowledge, skills, confidence, and experiences to contribute to a better world. Regardless of whether you are a recent school graduate or a mature student, college opens doors to new opportunities and empowers you to shape your future.

One of the significant advantages of a Sourabh College qualification is its appeal to prospective employers. It enhances your employability and increases your earning potential. It showcases your ability to learn at an advanced level, your self-motivation, and your commitment to achieving your goals.

Beyond academic growth, Sourabh Veterinary College provides a platform for personal development. It allows you to explore new interests, acquire new skills, and build connections with diverse individuals. It nurtures independence and self-reliance, particularly if it is your first time away from home. Moreover, it serves as a space for you to shape your aspirations and chart your path after graduation.