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College of Veterinary Science
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Our department conducts mammalian and avian haematology, climatology, and biochemical analysis research. We actively contribute to academic, institutional, and capacity-building activities. Facilities include Haematological Analyzer, Spectrophotometer, Viscometer, Urinometer, Meteorological instruments, Flame Photometer, Paper Chromatography system, Fume hood, and Blood Chemistry Analyzer.

Focused on animal health and environment, our research deepens understanding of haematology, climate, and biochemistry. We strive to contribute to science, promoting animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Engaging in academic pursuits, we collaborate with institutions to foster knowledge exchange and growth. Capacity-building activities empower students and professionals to stay informed and acquire new skills

The Animal Health and Environment Department drives knowledge in the field. Using advanced equipment and interdisciplinary approaches, we strive for scientific excellence and sustainable practices for animals and ecosystems.